K200 is available in 7 different colors and is specifically targeted for the college student market. We'd like to position the K200 as the perfect back to college item for the student's dorm room or small apartment. With K200 as the centerpiece of the room, the student will be ready to host and be the "barista" of their floor to offer the coffee shop experience right at home with friends.
Since each room is based on a different college student persona, and each coffee maker is a unique color, each room is monochromatic to visually strengthen the diversity of the personalities. Special attention was given to include gender-neutral imagery and styling. Whenever possible, items sold by Walmart and other included brands were used. To spotlight the Keurig, we moved the "coffee bar" to the foreground of the composition, making it the hero, and using the room as a backdrop. Each coffee bar is unique, including it's own coffee/tea type and a detail item related to the persona of the room. The mug within each scene is identical to reinforce the idea that it is not the cup that matters, but what an individual fills it with that makes them unique.
Beach Bum
Boho Chic
Sports Fan
Music Enthusiast
Agency: Lunchbox
Production Design: Bryan Honig
Photographer: Aaron Rapaport
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