Develop a decisive brand image for the San Diego State University chapter of AIGA. This will be used in representing a diverse group of students coming together in pursuit of common goals: to learn about, to improve upon, and to network within the field of graphic arts.

An approach was taken to convey the group’s interests, lifestyles, and abilities: more than simply representing the school. One apparent feature of the group was diversity. The words “contrast,” “defined,” and “technical” would help in guiding the design of this identity.
The wordmark uses the typeface Lubalin Graph. The contrast between circular counters and square serifs is fitting to convey the deep variation within the group. Certain letterforms have been altered such as the “i“ to subtly imply steps (relating to the icon). The square element placed behind the wordmark relates to the logo of the parent association, AIGA.
The icon is a reference to a historic and very permanent subject: an Aztec temple. The form of the temple is created with the use of both strong angles and smooth curves to represent the group’s diversity.
Each icon in the above series is one that group members, students, and designers would be familiar with. They are created in a weight similar to that of the brand icon and wordmark. The various icons are used within specific areas of the brand’s visual communication. 
The stationary uses primarily the wordmark and emphasizes the professionalism of the group. It uses a simple layout with bold colors to draw the viewer’s attention to the information.
The poster series focuses on the quick delivery of a message. Again, bold contrast comes into play with the large type that describes the event. A clear hierarchy informs the viewer of the secondary information. The series uses the Aztec pyramid icon in a fun and clever way that relates to each event to convey the event’s purpose and encourage buzz.
The website uses simple navigation to guide viewers through information in a way that is quick and effective. It contains inspiration, information about upcoming events, and student profiles, which allow students to share their work, giving them access to design professionals.
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