Barco Lobby Domination is a system whereby movie theater lobbies can be outfitted with 30 - 80+ digital monitors to display various branded content. Screens are synced wirelessly to the frame. Use existing key art to develop a "trailer" for Mad Max Fury Road that entices passers-by to see the film.

In previous "dominations," key art (posters, trailers, etc.) had been used disparately across the monitors. Since we knew where the monitors would be placed within the theater, and that the content on each monitor was synced perfectly, it was possible to have visual elements that flow from monitor to monitor throughout the room. We used this to our advantage in the Mad Max Fury Road domination to create the illusion of an enveloping sandstorm. While the main screen shows the hero driving into a sandstorm, dust clouds sweep across every screen to engulf the room with lightning strikes and particles of smoke, creating a truly immersive experience for anyone in the lobby space.

Below is a VR rendering to representing the final installation.
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